Why is it harder to play Soprano Sax than my Tenor Sax?

Playing the Soprano Sax is very different than playing the alto or tenor saxophones. The Tenor Sax and Alto Sax tend to respond with a loose embouchure and many tenor players strive to keep the embouchure loose for a big sound.

Soprano Sax needs a little firmer embouchure to play it well. Not tight so it does not respond but firm mostly for the upper register response.

For example when you first play the high notes just pushing the key does not mean the note will come in.. a slight adjustment to the embouchure is necessary.

Also the biggest mistake most players make when trying to play Soprano Sax is they do not push the mouthpiece far enough on the neck cork. If the mouthpiece is out a little too far then the bottom of the Soprano Sax and sometimes the high notes will not work.

Pushing the mouthpiece in helps on most saxophones for the response. Find what is called the “Sweet Spot” where everything works.

Remember to Practice as often as you can to achieve the intonation you desire.

We Hope This Helps!!

Thanks for reading from the KDI Music Staff


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