Black Diamond Saxophones

Not only are the Black Diamond Saxophones are Beautiful  - They Play Outstanding!!

When Rheuben Allen started to create the design for the Black Diamond Series Saxophones he wanted a saxophone that a live player could use.  Mostly that all clubs, weddings, concerts and generally most live performances are not held in the same location and all rooms are different acoustically.

The saxophonist must adjust to the location and room size.  So the qualities of the Black Nickel Plating came to mind.  He still makes saxophones with Black Nickel Bodies and Silver Plating and had made a few with Gold Lacquered keys.  They play very nice and are very strong.  He wondered what the saxophone would sound like with all Black Nickel Plating so he made a couple Prototypes and was very happy with the results.

They did everything he had hoped.  Black Nickel is very durable plating and adds a little weight to the instruments providing the saxophonist with a greater projection of sound. 

Black Nickel Plating does not start producing the tone as fast as Lacquer or Silver Plating but can be pushed to produce a very strong projection of tone.

This line represents Lacquer and Silver plating tone projection:
Soft__________________________________________ Loud

This line represents Black Nickel tone projection:
Soft__________________________________________________ Loud

*As you can see the Black Nickel can be pushed to a louder volume, and will depend a lot of the tone production belongs to the player, mouthpiece and reed combination.


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