About KDI Music

The mission of KDI Music, LLC is to spread “a passion for the perfect sound” to all we meet and to promote the value of music in everyone’s lives. To this end, we believe in the following principles:

• ACTIVE PARTICIPATION: We are musicians in both heart and in life. We love listening to music in all forms and have a great appreciation for the artists who create them. But we are also musicians ourselves playing multiple instruments for both pleasure and public performance. In this way we actively share our passion for music with those around us.

• VALUE MUSIC EDUCATION: We believe in the importance of music education for everyone. We constantly strive to improve our own music knowledge and techniques through practice, attending music-related events, and seeking out the latest information in the music industry. At the same time, we actively support music education for others by sharing our own expertise in various ways including acting as technical advisors, assisting groups with instrument acquisitions, and teaching.

We believe ongoing relationships with our communities and charitable organizations are important to our mission of promoting the value of music to everyone. We are active with a number of community events and organizations including The Disneyland Alumni Club, and the Nisei Week Foundation Marching Band. By providing things such as technical support, musical instrument donations, and volunteers for their events, we strengthen our community ties and share our passion for music with all we come in contact with.

• STRIVE FOR QUALITY: As we have “a passion for the perfect sound”, we strive for providing high quality instruments and accessories for our customers. We take an active approach when selecting products for our site through “hands on” testing and personal use of the items we feature.

About Us

At KDIMusic.com, we are all musicians at heart with over 20 years of music performance and expertise under our belts. Our company tests, reviews and “takes out on the road” a sampling of the instruments we sell on our site to ensure they will be truly “road worthy”. We inspect every instrument, making adjustments if necessary, and thoroughly examine all accessories before we send them to you. This way we feel confident we are providing quality products for musicians of all levels from the beginner to the advanced.

Contact us at kdimusicllc@gmail.com

We are proud to be the premier internet dealer for Rheuben Allen Saxophones, Kenny G “G-Series” and “E-Series” Saxophones, Yamaha Maintenance Kits, Peak Instrument Stands, Protec Cases, Hemke & Rico Reeds, and Jazz Age Edition Apparel. We believe these are some of the best brands on the market offering great value for beginners to professionals. But we are always on the lookout for new products from our current lines as well as new brands to expand our offerings to you.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will return again soon!

The Staff at KDIMusic.com