2017 Kenny G - G-Series GVI Copper Soprano Saxophone

We finally got to play the newest line of the Kenny G  Soprano Saxophone - 85% Copper Body - Model KGSSCL-GVI

The product was introduced at the NAMM show in 2017 and we are excited to be one of the first to take it for a spin. It plays with such a dark, rich, and full tone. The range is amazing and fluid key action..

The body which is 85% copper, and a mixture of brass with brass keys. With a Champagne Lacquer Finish, ribbed construction, newly designed High F-Sharp Trill Key and Harmonic (Front F) keys. The bore design is the same as the G- Series IV Soprano Saxophones, and it does make a difference compared to others.

The Saxophones are unique in design of the G-Series Saxophones, and features - Palm Keys and Upper Stack are a modern traditional design and the lower stack and left hand little finger keys are patterned after the original Mark VI. Of course it a Bb Instrument with a range from Low Bb to a high G. The accessories is outstanding besides the basics with the exception of the value added Kenny G KGSS-HRMp2 Traditional Chamber Mouthpiece, Rovner designed Kenny G Soprano Saxophone Ligature with cap, and a cool looking case.. 

More impressive with the hand engraving throughout the instrument, the color with the Champagne finish is unbelievable.. 

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KDI Music Staff

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New 2017 Kenny G Saxophone Models

We are excited to finally get our hands on the NEW Kenny G ES-Series Soprano Saxophones. They come in two finishes  - Silver Body/Lacquered Keys and the Lacquer Body & Keys. Playing wise - They play really well and they are the replacements for the Kenny G E-Series III models. They have a single post construction, and  an excellent dynamic range.

They have great intonation, and great response throughout the entire range of the saxophone. Full Body Hand Engraving.

Single Post Construction and the Silver Plated Body are a great combination….  the soprano vibrates very well, with exceptional dynamic range.

We also got our hands on the Kenny G 85% Copper Alto Saxophone (It comes with Two Necks) and a Soprano Saxophone. They are a Professional Model, and comparing them to our shop standard instruments.. (we will not name them) - All we can say is Wow!! - Dark Tone, fast response, very resonating, and they look better in person than the pictures depict..

Coming Soon to the website and you will not be disappointed.. 

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