Classic Rico Orange Box of 10 Soprano Sax Reeds

$ 23.75

Brand: D'Addario

The Classic Rico Orange Box Soprano Sax Reeds are well respected and recommended by many teachers and players alike.

They are designed and produced with a thinner tip to make articulation and response as easy as possible. Obviously this suits a beginner and it can help encourage players early with a nice clear and vibrant tone. It's also worth considering that the classic Orange box are still the favorite choice of many Jazz players as the unfiled cut suits many classic Jazz mouthpieces like Otto Link, in fact many of the greatest jazz recordings were made using Rico orange box reeds.

Please note: Rico Reeds are around 1/2 strength softer than Vandoren. So for example a Rico 2 is equivalent to a Vandoren 1.5 strength.

The huge investment over the last 10-15 years by D'Addario into the Rico brand has ensured they are the most consistently cut and selected reeds on the market.

  • Ideal for students or beginners
  • Also suitable as a flexible and vibrant jazz reed
  • Thinner tip for ease of response
  • Supplied in packs of 10
  • Made in the USA