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Soprano Saxophone - Almost Keyless

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Brand: Rheuben Allen® Saxophones

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Rheuben Allen® "Almost Keyless" Soprano Saxophone

This is the first soprano saxophone designed for the study of the altissimo featuring three keys allowing the saxophonist to study the overtones on a low B-flat, low B, low C and low C-sharp.

Again extension of the Keyless alto designed by Siguard Rascher. Find out who is Siguard Rascher!

The Rheuben Allen "Almost Keyless Saxophone" is a valuable learning tool for the serious student, who wants to extend the range of the saxophone and learn how to play in tune.

The most important reason to practice overtones is to learn how to play in tune correctly. It's a misconception that putting the mouthpiece in just the right spot on the neck will get the saxophone to play in tune. A lot of things go into it. Using the correct reed strength with the correct mouthpiece tip opening; making sure you are playing with enough air pressure; using the correct embouchure. However perhaps the most important aspect of playing in tune is being able to control your throat position.


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